Patrimonial Audit

Patrimonial expertise :

What is Asset Management? What is Patrimonial Council?

The Asset Management, *

consists in maximizing the results of the Management of heritage assets (search for maximum profitability considered as exclusive factor of satisfaction). Each of us expresses specifically the enjoyment he/she derives or he/she expects from holding an asset, and this asset contributes differently, along the various stages of life, to the satisfaction which we derive from their ownership.

The Patrimonial Council, *

consists in maximizing the satisfaction derived from owning an asset (the property being the right to enjoy and dispose of it in the most absolute manner), conferring on who holds it rights as well as economic and political capacities. The degree of enjoyment of an asset is also changing over the time and varies across different stages of life

The Patrimonial Expertise,

resulting from the Management and Consultancy, will allow, after a detailed study of your heritage (heritage assessment) and of your expectations in regards to your different properties that constitute your living environment and standard as well as the protection you wish to ensure to your close relatives, to answer: – On one hand, to the multiple questions you may have about your situation and identify your expectations – And on the other hand, to bring a pallet of recommendations, a patrimonial strategy, to implement, according to a priority order that will be established together We will study together the patrimonial strategies which apply to you, the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, the costs of different options, and we will guide you throughout their implementation with the notaries, certified public accountants, lawyers, following the reserved options, in order to ensure the respect of your wills. Considering the complexity of the laws and of successive fiscal changes, it is today essential to call for a Patrimonial expert. The Drouillet-Ricciardi firm offers you the experience of its expertise.

Patrimonial Balance:

Establishing a balance of the heritage is the essential first step in managing it. It allows to comprehend its structural composition and its distribution among the elements composing its living environment or its standard of living. It requires an analysis of all the assets in detail and of the legal and economic relations which directly or indirectly bind the various actors concerned by this heritage. That is the reason why it is necessary to establish a close relation between the heritage expert and yourself, the professional having to know your projects for the future as well as your imperatives and personal wishes. Once the patrimonial balance is completed with the fiscal and social balance sheets, we can then decide on the best strategy to retain. *: Economic extracts of Mr. J. Aulagnier, honorary Dean of Clermont Ferrand’s Faculty of Science