At a flow of money, the taxpayer is required to make investment choices in the complex range proposed by the banker: life insurance, PEL (Home Loan Plan), PEA, PEP, Securities, CAT etc.

It is essential to keep in mind that each of the investments offered by the market responds to a special tax, with very specific conditions of detention, with an impact on the tax notice, eventually the wealth tax, the succession… they are often more expensive than the immediate return on Investment.

It is essential to approach an independent expert to avoid unpleasant fiscal or heritage surprises.

The Drouillet Ricciardi firm offers you help, from simple advice to the grip of a total restructuring of your assets.

To help you during a particular financial transaction as a stock investment, a donation, a separation of the components of the property right, is our main know-how.

All our customers will confirm the close relationship and trust that binds the Drouillet Ricciardi firm with families, relationship maintained through all generations involved in the birth of a son or nephew to the death of grandparents.

Our technical skills, both civil and fiscal, also allow us to help you accomplish the most sophisticated heritage plans.

Using our experience and our know-how, as well as the quality partners who surround us (notaries, lawyers, expert-accountants…), we guide you in your projects by providing advice and technical support that you would not know how to find anywhere else than in a specialized firm like us.