Tax optimization

Tax optimization

The Tax exemption laws are numerous, complex and compelling: there is no tax benefits without counterparty on behalf of the tax payer.

Scellier, Robien-Borloo, Girardin devices, Mutual Fund for Innovation, wealth tax reductions… Are you sure you know all their mechanisms and their impact on your heritage ?

Before making a commitment in a Tax optimization approach, a personalized study must be undertaken by a professional, not only to calculate the tax savings directly induced, but also to assess the impact of these investments on your overall heritage situation: the consequences of these investments, often made in an impulsive way under peddlers’ pressure, can have catastrophic consequences on the heritage.

Indeed, experience and statistics show that unfortunately these investments which have been realized without patrimonial tracking are more costly than profitable.

Our firm ensures, first to fully optimize your assets and enjoy from the best tax saving scheme that best suits your situation and ensure you its strict monitoring throughout the operation, which usually extends over several years.