Credit Loan

Bank loan

You need a bank loan, and you often ask yourself lots of questions:

  • Is it advisable to buy on credit or better to settle an expense cash ?
  • Have you considered all existing low-interest loans ?
  • How to negotiate the guaranteed resale ?
  • What about the compensations of early refund ?
  • Life insurances, the sequestration clause and a thousand of other legitimate questions ?

Hiring a professional has become essential if you want to optimize and control the most of your credit transaction benefiting from the best advice.

Furthermore, going to your bank directly without an interlocutor as the Drouillet-Ricciardi firm will prevent you from benefiting from the best rates of the market.

By putting in competition the banks with whom we are used to work, you will benefit from better rates.

You have understood, a personalized study conducted by a specialist is essential if you want to realize your loan in the best possible conditions.